The following TERMS and CONDITIONS apply to this promotion. By taking part in this promotion, you agree to be automatically bound by these terms and conditions.

What are the essentials of this promotion?

We are offering to pay P400 in cash or donate P400 as an alternative to the ‘SOS Children’s Village – Botswana’ charity, for any instance where a person who is presently not a client completes a personal car insurance quote with us, and where the Alpha Direct quote is more expensive, on a like-for-like basis, than what that person is currently paying for his/her insurance elsewhere.

People who are not eligible for this promotion:

1. Existing Alpha Direct clients are not eligible.
2. Any person who requests a commercial car insurance quote from us.
3. Any person who has received a payment under this Quote Promotion in the last 186 days.
4. Any person who has had a policy cancelled by Alpha Direct Insurance Company within the last 186 days.
5. Any person who is not in possession of a valid Botswana Residence Permit and/or Driver’s License.
6. Any person who is deemed an unacceptable risk as determined by our underwriting criteria.

What you are required to do in order to qualify for this promotion:

1. Obtain a personal car insurance quote from Alpha Direct online, from our offices or kiosks, for a car that you currently pay insurance on, with a company that sells car insurance to the general public of Botswana.
2. If the Alpha Direct quote is more expensive than what you’re currently paying, on a like-for-like basis, submit the required information via our web site within 30 days of us sending you the quote via e-mail.
3. Part of the information required above will be a schedule of your existing insurance cover, confirming that the insurance was effective prior to the date of our quote. You may be requested to provide your loss history. This schedule may not be older than 48 hours.
If you come to us with a lower premium than what we originally quoted, Alpha Direct will first be given the opportunity to beat that premium rate on a like-for-like basis.

Additional Conditions

1. This promotion only applies to Alpha Direct personal car insurance. It is not valid on quotes brought in through a broker.
2. The car(s) insured with your current insurer must have been insured for at least the last 30 days.
3. Please note that this is an inbound promotion only, thus is only applicable to persons initiating contact with us.
4. If we quote you on more than one car, the insurance premium that you currently pay on that will be compared to the Alpha Direct quote, and must include the total premium for all cars quoted, as well as all policy costs/fees and broker commissions.
5. You must have access to the Internet and e-mail to be eligible.
6. We will not make more than one payment to a person that completes multiple individual quotes on the same or on separate cars for which we are more expensive than the current insurance premium. Payments to separate members of the same family will be allowed provided the conditions of this promotion are met.

What will we do before we pay you?

We will compare our personal car insurance quote to your current insurance on a like-for-like basis and ensure the following are the same or similar:

• The claim excess amount; • The main underwriting information used in the quote. This includes vehicle make and model, accident history, personal information and so on;
• The total insurance premium payable;
• The existence of additional car insurance benefits such as car hire and credit shortfall cover should such be included. Free benefits will not form part of this comparison;
• The sum insured; and
• Additional covers added for vehicle accessories and sound equipment.
Lastly, you will only be eligible for the money if you do not accept any of our cover quoted and we are more expensive than what you are currently paying. Both these conditions must be met. Should you be eligible according to this promotion to receive money, may elect to donate that money to ‘SOS Children’s Village - Botswana. In all instances where this election is made, we will donate P400 on your behalf. If you make such an election, you will forfeit your claim to the money completely. This promotion will run for a limited period only and Alpha Direct Insurance Company (PTY) Ltd. reserves the right to discontinue this promotion at its discretion. This promotion is not open to any staff members of Alpha Direct Insurance Company (PTY) Ltd. and their immediate family members.